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Spinning The Web, Issue #004 -- New Programs
May 06, 2015

New Programs on Offer

As the autumn leaves fall here in Melbourne, I can feel my energy narrow itself on what really matters. I feel the burst of autumn energy, as I bring forth some new and exciting programs for women, girls and fathers.

My short opening to this newsletter is part of my trimming down that I'm doing this autumn. My garden calls to be planted with winter crops, my family calls me for all kinds of reasons. Yet, I'm here and ready to share with you the depth of what it takes for women to ebb and flow in creation. I hope to inspire you to find yourself more intimately this autumn.

I hope you enjoy.

Summary of this newsletter;

- New women's circle, connecting cycle's group starting, info night on 17th May.

- Celebration Day for Girls coming up later in May.

- New mother's & daughter's circle starting in the June school holidays.

- Fathers Celebrating Daughters in July.

- Free information night at Eltham Library about puberty in August.

- Diamond Valley Red Tent

New Women's Circle

A new women’s circle is starting soon. Come along to the free information night where you can dip your toe in and see if this journey is for you. The circle will meet monthly on a Sunday night for 18 months, based upon Melissa’s work which she calls Connecting Cycles.

Together with like-minded women, the circle will deepen their connection to various naturally occurring cycles, we will connect also to 13 feminine archetypes which ripple through a woman’s lifetime. Intimately knowing these archetypes enriches a woman’s capacity to embrace, surrender, soften and strengthen with clarity and love.

FREE INFORMATION NIGHT: 17th May, 7.30pm till 9.30pm

WHERE; 25 Gladstone Road, Briar Hill

Contact me prior and I'll send you a little map of where the building is that we will be in. Send me an email

Positive menstrual education has a life-long positive impact on girls as they approach the threshold of becoming young women.

Next workshop is very soon.

Mother’s session: Thursday 21st May, 7.30-9.30pm

Celebration Day for Girls, Sunday 24th May, 10am-4pm

Venue: River of Plenty Centre, 7 Havelock Road, Lower Plenty

Cost: $125 per mother and daughter pair For registration and booking details Watch a Celebration Day for Girls - Video link

Mother and Daughter Circle

To inspire and encourage the bonds of connection between a mother and her daughter as she enters the passage to young womanhood.

WHEN: 29th June, 2015

TIME: 1.30-4.00pm

WHERE: Edendale Farm, 30 Gaston Road, Eltham

COST: $40 per mother and daughter(s)

Limited places Bookings essential

A two-hour workshop for fathers of daughters

Fathers have a special and important role to play as their daughters metamorphose from little girls through puberty to menstruating and fertile young women. Are you ready? Are you overwhelmed? Or are you sailing through? Expect a lively and quite possibly enlightening discussion with many great tips and ideas for fathers wishing to open and maintain conversation with their daughters.

WHEN: 23rd July, 7.30-9.30pm

Where: 25 Gladstone Road, Briar Hill Primary School

Cost: $30 Fathers Celebrating Daughters Online Registration

Eltham Library Free Talk

An interactive, free talk offering support to parents and carers on how to warmly introduce your daughter (8 to 12 years old) to puberty and periods.

WHERE: Eltham Library, Panther Place, Eltham

WHEN: 13th August, 7-8pm

Diamond Valley Red Tent

The Diamond Valley Red Tent is going wonderfully, Edendale Farm on the flood plains of the Diamond Creek in Eltham is a magnificent venue.

We are celebrate 12 months since the seed of this beautiful space was put into action and have now been running regular events for 6 months.

If you haven't been yet, I encourage you to come along one night.

In other news;

Your Beautiful Life Conversation Group

A new conversation group is opening up on a Wednesday afternoon, once per month.

If you are interested please let me know.

More information about; Your Beautiful Life

In September, a group of teenage girls came together to participate in this valuable workshop. What an amazing opportunity to deliver a well-rounded teaching of fertility and health, covering all the nitty gritty of relationships, body image, media and peer influences.

This workshop promotes self-esteem, strong body image, and informed choice. Covering all the major landmarks of any school program (and building upon any previous understandings), yet going deeper into information that is not steered by fear. Fear of avoiding pregnancy and STD’s and the detriment of one's health and without allowing for the teen to make informed choices based on well educated and rounded information.

This is workshop offers teens something that is holistic and empowering, nourishing their individuality, identity, and their ability to make good informed choices around a great number of challenges that modern teens face.

The next Cool on the Inside Workshop will be held in May, 2015 for booking information visit

click here to more about this workshop

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