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Spinning The Web, Issue #001 -- Raunch Culture
October 30, 2013

Raunch Culture, what is it?

Raunch culture is a reasonably new term that I have only just recently come across. This is also known as a 'sexualised culture' and comes from the perspective that such things as pole-dancing, for example are an expression of sexuality in an empowering way.

The other side of the argument is that this blurs the line between what true strength and empowered sexuality actually is. Women are finding themselves in the dangerous place of believing that to express their sexuality they must publicly objectify their bodies as a commodity.

This emergence in our culture is changing the way women are perceived by themselves and by our men-folk, particularly so for our young women. It's affecting their self-esteem, triggering anxiety and raising the occurrence of eating disorders. All of these things may continue to affect a woman well into her mature years. I have sat with women where this damage has created menstrual problems, sometimes affecting both fertility and the ability to conceive, but also influencing her ability to give birth naturally from a powerful place.

When a woman bases her sense of power on something external, she interrupts the connection of identifying with her own authentic power. Women who believe that their power is linked to the ability to look and act young will meet up against this incompleteness throughout their lives, particularly during birth and menopause.

Here are two articles that you may like to check out which provide more insight into the influence and hold that this 'raunch culture' is having on our girl and women folk.

Upon hearing that Miley Cyrus had cited Sinead O'Connor as an influence for her 'Wreaking Ball' video, Sinead was compelled to write this open letter to the younger pop star.

Big business is promoting a 'raunch culture' that corrupts young girls

Creating Authentic Expression

Menstruality supports the foundation of finding the true expression of our sexuality that is authentic and empowering.

This is not based on big business sales, but finding our own truth and connecting to that wisdom.

We offer two age appropriate workshops that support our young women to find their own truth and support them to live from that place.

We also offer support to women, running both group sessions and private consultations. This provides a safe space to connect with others, discuss and receive support for difficult conversations such as this.

Building a strong foundation is essential. This creates a platform for our own discovery and expression of sexuality.

This should not be something that is governed by popular culture but is a deeply, sacred held space that lives in each of us.

Cool on the Inside; Workshops for Teenage Girls (14-16)
This series of short workshops have been specifically tailored to engage and address many of the challenges that our teenage girls face.

Delivered through fun activities and the sharing of experiences.

The girls take the opportunity in a safely held space to question some of the pressures that they face, empowering them to make healthier choices.

Celebration Day for Girls (aged 10-12 and their mums or female carers)
Girls spend the day enjoying lively discussion, fun activities, women's stories and gentle celebration. This day gives the girls a firm foundation of self and connects them to the joy and power of becoming a woman.

To find out more about Menstruality please visit our home page

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