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Spinning The Web, Issue #003 -- Savvy Women, Naturally
December 02, 2014

Savvy Women, Naturally

As we step from spring into the first days of summer, there is a great opportunity to reflect upon the spring-summer connection. If you are from the northern hemisphere, I hope you will resonate with some of the themes suggested here, there is a comparative polarity between the seasonal opposites.

Spring announced herself and winter began to let go of her hold and with it emerged so many new beginnings and opportunities for me. I hope you enjoy catching up with this news and feel inspired to share it with your friends. Or maybe you might prefer to bookmark it to read over the holidays (whilst sipping on a pina colada on a tropical beach. Maybe? Maybe not?)

As the spring energies quicken both for the land and the soul, it was time for growth, movement and action, fostering fresh ideas and planting the seeds of new dreams. Moving into summer it now becomes the perfect chance to reassess whether what we have seeded in our lives can survive. The natural flow of connecting to the cycle teaches us the importance of weeding out those dreams and plans that are not quite strong enough to reach maturity.

Sometimes we are left clinging to our dreams, not realising that they don’t have adequate momentum to last the season. Consequently spending precious resources trying to nurture them into reality, but only drying up our energy reserves and fraying our ability to cope well. Perhaps even compromising those projects that would have be successful if we were more selective with our goals.

Give yourself time to stop, reflect and feel.

This has to be one of the most important things you can do right now. It is the season of giving and when we do this from a tired and depleted place is not really helping anyone. Carve out some time refill your own cup, not only will you feel better about giving, but receiving will have more juice.

It is no coincidence that the feminine archetype which relates to summer is the Mother. It is time to nurture relationships and friendships. I feel myself being pulled towards my family, towards important friendships and activities (mostly involving my children). I’ve been consciously hanging up as many little projects as possible to free my time for these meaningful aspects of my life.

I hope you enjoy reading this newsletter and I wish you love, light and safe travels this Christmas and New Year.

In this e-newsletter;

- Melissa's New Website

- Diamond Valley Red Tent

- Your Beautiful Life

- Celebration Day for Girls

- Cool on the Inside

- Fathers Celebrating Daughters

- Connecting Cycles Course

Melissa's New Website -

Melissa continues to support women, strengthening their awareness and understanding of the menstrual cycle, both physically and emotionally. Connecting to the cycle provides a powerful information guide for women. Also, as the mother of two daughters she understands the importance for them to cross the threshold of puberty and menarche with a positive and holistic understanding of self.

Like an elixir of ancient knowledge this information can no longer be kept under wraps as more and more women seek to know their bodies and their cycles, unravelling both their physical and emotional pains that have held them back in the past.

Like the journey to connect more fully to ones sexuality, menstruality is the process of connecting more fully to one's cyclic nature. Melissa continues to live and deepen in this understanding on a personal level, however she has stepped through new doorways that go beyond Menstruality as the title that encapsulates all of what she brings as a service.

take a stroll through the new look website

Introducing the Diamond Valley Red Tent

Over recent years, different women have come and whispered in my ear… let’s start a Red Tent. Finally, this year something germinated in me and Melissa felt ready to create along with other amazing local women, the Diamond Valley Red Tent.

Throughout time women have gathered together. Preparing food, celebrating, working in collaboration, whilst supporting the processes of life. Yet in our modern society we tend to work in isolation, which can prevent women from gathering in such a way. The Diamond Valley Red Tent is located at Eltham’s Edendale Farm on the fringes of the Diamond Creek, 25km's from Melbourne. It provides women with a space where they can go on a regular basis to take some time out, share their story, or just be in a still and reflect space.

Your Beautiful Life Conversation Group

Your Beautiful Life opens the doors to conscious creation. Unlike Melissa's other work, this is a spiritual workbook that is not about the menstrual cycle.

Melissa says "I have read many books on spirituality and spent many years working at healing and unravelling the layers at a judgement and ego level. However, quite by surprise this book changed the perception of my reality ~ in a good way!".

If you are a seeker of deeper connection to your soul's language, then this one is a gem. Without trying to sound cliché, this has the potential to change your reality into something that you consciously create.

Purchase the book online and reach out for support and connection with others that are reading the book. Both men and women are welcome.

This workshop is growing in popularity as the ideal way to support and celebrate with mothers and daughters. Following more than 50 workshops being held by a small dedicated group of facilitators, this workshop is growing fast in popularity. The workshop offers a contemporary way for mothers and daughters to celebrate their stepping into puberty. Approximately 500 mothers and girls have enjoyed this workshop during 2014!

Here is what Lucinda from Hurstbridge had to say

“What I liked best about this workshop is that it was a huge mix of information for the girls on all the diverse aspects of menstruation and going through puberty. From the completely practical and tangible questions such as 'what does a pad look like?' 'how many periods will I have in my lifetime?' to a more spiritual and emotional approach to entering into the cyclical nature of womanhood, with techniques to understand and manage changes in energy levels and emotions. I am really glad my daughter has had this opportunity and I know she will now build on it through her lifetime.”

The next Celebration Day will be held in March,2015 for booking information visit www.melissagonella/events

Watch a Celebration Day for Girls - Video link

In September, a group of teenage girls came together to participate in this valuable workshop. What an amazing opportunity to deliver a well-rounded teaching of fertility and health, covering all the nitty gritty of relationships, body image, media and peer influences.

This workshop promotes self-esteem, strong body image, and informed choice. Covering all the major landmarks of any school program (and building upon any previous understandings), yet going deeper into information that is not steered by fear. Fear of avoiding pregnancy and STD’s and the detriment of one's health and without allowing for the teen to make informed choices based on well educated and rounded information.

This is workshop offers teens something that is holistic and empowering, nourishing their individuality, identity, and their ability to make good informed choices around a great number of challenges that modern teens face.

The next Cool on the Inside Workshop will be held in May, 2015 for booking information visit

Martina & Amber share their experience

click here to more about this workshop

"I've really enjoyed this day because I've never talked about these things with a small group of girls and it's really different than talking with classmates at school. All the activities were so good and interesting"

"It was a great day to talk about things you wouldn't usually talk about in a safe and open environment"

It is a natural progression for Melissa to support our men-folk beyond what they learn during my natural fertility consultations.

Melissa is now offering this unique workshop where fathers can understand, learn and prepare to navigate the fathering a pubescent daughter.

Relating and understanding the changes that take place in their daughters is often quite a foreign landscape for dads. As daughters start to mature their relationship can become tense, lacking information around specific changes that affect girls can further stress their relational ability. But dads are integral to building their daughters sense of self and their first teachers of relating to the masculine.

This workshop is witty, fun and a real eye opener for dads of daughters. The space allows for men to voice what they fear could happen as their daughters grow and change, or what is already difficult in their relationship. Supporting them to connect and understand their pivotal role in raising daughters into strong, courageous, connected and esteemed young women.

Fathers Celebrating Daughters will be held in April, 2015.

Connecting Cycles Course

This is the ultimate of cyclic education and connects women into a deep understanding their menstrual month as well as their life-time cycle. Meeting themselves in all the phases of life, working through past negative experience and fears about aging and changing.

Read more about the group for women

Talei from Eltham has this to share with you

"What a privilege it is to be connected in such a real and sometimes raw way, with this group of wonderful women. By exploring the different female archetypes through the cycles of the moon and seasons, we gain insights into our own experiences, and affirm our own personal journeys. With great insight and integrity Melissa gently moves us into a deeper understanding of what it is to be connected with the feminine within and surrounding us, so that we can live within our families and communities fully embracing and celebrating all aspects of being women."

The current courses are coming to a close and new enrolments will be opening up soon…. Stay tuned for details.

You can follow Melissa on Facebook. You can follow Melissa on Facebook.

To find out more about Melissa's work please visit our home page

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