A First Period Story ~ Celebration Day For Girls

by Dessie

A short few month's after my daughter and I attended a Celebration Day for Girls, she had her first period (she was in Grade 5). Before attending the Celebration Day, I had been worried about how prepared she would be, I had only been 10 when I had got my first period and I had felt confused and isolated by the experience. I had a desire for her experience to be a positive one, but felt ill equipped as a mother to welcome her into something that had never really been a part of our conversation before, it felt awkward and difficult.

During the mother's evening leading up to the Celebration Day, it really hit me the importance for women to look at their biological experiences' with less negativity. Also that, my experience of becoming a woman without adequate preparation was far from being a unique one.

The Celebration Day itself opened up this topic for the girls in such a fun way, they all really enjoyed the day. I over heard one daughter even asking her mum if she could do it again!

The best part of the day for me was the confidence it gave me as a mother to support and cherish my daughter in this important life transition. It created a gear shift in our relationship on many levels particularly where there had been a growing resistance to each other. I especially loved the sharing of the women's stories and I can see how these stories create a pathway between the 'young' daughter's experience and the 'old' mother's experience. This is transition is something we all go through and remembering and listening to these stories reminds us of this connection we share. It created a very special and memorable afternoon together.

On the day she got her first period she was actually a little shocked, she was only 11 years old, we believe that she was probably the first girl in her class to get it. We spent the day together and I shared more of my memories of being her age and when I got my first period at the age of 10. I felt anything but awkward or ill equipped as a mother and we had a really nice day together. Her dad brought her some flowers and she felt very special. Since then a number of the other girls in her class got their first period's too. She shares a special bond with these girls, having been at a Celebration Day together with their own mothers has created a specialness between them.

This is a special memory that they share about a sweet secret that happens every month.

Thank you Melissa for facilitating the Celebration Day, the work you do is so important to these girls.

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