Adrenal Function
More Than Just Stress Regulation

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Did you know adrenal function significantly contributes to the endocrine system by producing over 50 different kinds of hormones

These small glands just above the kidneys are popularly recognised as the little guys that control the ‘fight or flight’ response by releasing cortisol and adrenaline directly into the blood stream.

However they also produce hormones with long arduous names such as glucocorticoids and mineralocorticords.  But what does all this mean for our wellbeing? Let me explain in simple terms.

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A part of the adrenal function is to trigger hormones that energise the 'fight or flight' response needed for survival.  However when we are continually under some kind of pressure, we do not fully recover from these episodes.  The problem is that the adrenals are important to other functions which are essential to life and when they are responding to stress much more than they should be (which is a lot of the time), it interferes with other important hormonal activity.  Hence one of the reasons why I will often find long term adrenal fatigue in patients who are experiencing menopausal or menstrual symptoms.

Optimising a person's adrenal function will balance and control blood sugar, metabolism, regulate the immune system and suppress inflammatory reactions.  So that extra weight your carrying around the mid-line that just doesn't shift, that can actually be attributed to compromised adrenal function.  As does those food cravings, needing that caffeine hit at the start of every day to get going (or several times during!) = adrenal problems.  Desiring those fast acting carb's or sugary foods, also adrenals.  Reaching for those pain killers, or having an ongoing need for turmeric to ease joint pain - yes, that can be attributed to the adrenals also.  Unfortunately, living with these issues over a long period does not address the underlying causes, leading to other problems, such as diabetes, thyroid problems, fatigue and other chronic illness.

"Stress is not the enemy because it is a vital part of our survival reaction, a very powerful instinct which forms part of our defence system.   It is how we respond to stress that is the problem."

These tiny glands are incredibly important to our overall health and vitality, which is why during every kinesiology and Neuro-Training balance we assess their ability to adapt to stress.   Adrenal function clearly demonstrates how a person can physically reconcile their stress.  This is an important piece of the puzzle when supporting someone's ability to recuperate. 

Lots of people are trying to rid stress from their lives but actually stress is not the enemy, it is a vital part of our survival reaction and a very powerful instinct which forms part of our defence system.   It is how we respond to stress that is the problem. We are programed to survive at all costs, unfortunately even to our own detriment.  Because of our modernised cultural experiences and expectations our stress responses can be more often turned on than off.  Over time we loose the capacity to be able to turn them off effectively and it can even seem that we attract stressful situations.  It is the neurological stress response system that is important to re-pattern to effectively improve our relationship with how we meet stressful times, because stressful situations will always be apart of our lives.  Kinesiology and Neuro-Training sessions not only address the recuperation from adrenal fatigue gently and effectively but also changes the neurological response patterns so that adrenals (and other hormonal loops) work at optimum.

Get more living out of life and re-train your system to process stress better!

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Take the 30 Day Adrenal Function Challenge

If you are a reasonably healthy person and are just curious to know about your adrenals, why not take the challenge!

30 days without sugar (and other sweet stuff, both fake and real), caffeine or alcohol.  Depending upon how much your system relies upon these stimulants is how much your body will initially object.  

You may experience short lived symptoms such as cravings, headaches, aches, pains, flu-like symptoms, mood swings and maybe even the shakes, but they should only last for a few days.

These things can't be good for us when the symptoms are similar to those of cocaine withdrawal!

You want to do the 30 day challenge but worried about the symptoms?  There is a less painful way to detox and recover from adrenal fatigue. Kinesiology with Neuro-Training can not only considerably lesson these symptoms, it will speed up the process of recuperation by retraining your nervous system not react to the stress reactions like it has previously, giving you a sustainable long term solution. 

Stress reactions are not just those external stressful situations but also include the stress of parasites, poor digestive process, allergies or underlying immune problems.

Ok, I'm going to put my money where my mouth is.  I've lived with long term adrenal fatigue, by long term I mean I was born with it.   I've tried many things to improve the health of my hormones, my thyroid, my fatigue and nothing.  I mean nothing, gave me long term results.  I'd always fall back into the same pattern.  Now I've used kinesiology and Neuro-Training to re-pattern the stress responses my system is recuperating as it should.  No longer do I have adrenal fatigue, no longer do I need to stick to difficult diets and food eating protocols in order to manage my symptoms.  I'm living life more fully now than I actually ever have.  Utter bliss!

Now I get to support others in finding the same results and I find that this issue comes up a lot with even associated health issues, because adrenals are just so integral to the entire system functions.   Like I said earlier these babies are involved with the production of over 50 different homones, including the regulate blood sugar, metabolism, regulation of the immune system and inflammatory reactions.

So, here's the thing, if you feel exhausted without caffeine, you eat a lot of sugary things, have the mid-life spread that doesn't seem to shift no matter what you do, have thyroid or blood sugar problems then there's a reasonable chance you have some level of adrenal fatigue

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Now that I understand about the impact of having healthy adrenals, I take much better care of my energy resources and I was able to use kinesiology and Neuro-Training to considerably speed up my recovery time.

Originally published - 26th August, 2016

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