Celebration Day for Girls Workshop

by Allison Casas

Leading up to the girls' celebration my girl was very resistant to attend, which was in line with how she felt about growing up - resistant! After the commitment was made I could sense her worries and fears about what would transpire on the day - she voiced a few concerns about what she would have to do and say. She left me hesitantly on the day to step into the group and by the afternoon session she had come to a new place. There was an openness and joy around simply being with friends in a safe space. Sharing stories, creating beauty, laughing and learning in a very gentle but empowering way about what she will be stepping into.

I really enjoyed the afternoon session together and the stories the women told to the girls - the honesty of it - which allowed them to see us in a new light. Following the Celebration Day she felt very special and talked about how much fun she had. She held stories between the girls and the secrets they shared close like a precious gift. It has created a new bond between the two of us in terms of how we see each other and how we relate. Thank you so much!

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