Private Education Sessions
Changes in Girls During Puberty

Teaching teenage girls how to understand and recognise the fertility cycle and hormonal changes. Providing support for them to learn to work to their fullest potential, in a sustainable way, by harnessing the creative forces that are available to all women.

Often parents are wanting to send their teenage daughter to me for private education sessions because their is some kind of problem going on.  It maybe a physical or an emotional/hormonal problem.   In this circumstance it is probably ideal to combine some teaching with Kinesiology and Neuro-Training sessions because then we will be addressing both the symptoms and empowering her with the knowledge at the same time. 

Its not surprising that with all of the modern pressures that are placed on our girls that I often hear of debilitating menstrual or emotional symptoms. The solution usually given by the medical profession is to put them on "The Pill" or try out an anti-depressant and see if it makes a difference.  Both of which carry an array of side-effects and detrimental health implications and shut down the connection they have to their cycle.  Consequently this can give them a negative experience of being able to trust their body.  I realise that in some cases anti-depressants are necessary but bring her for some Kinesiology and Neuro-Training sessions anyway, it could be most beneficial for her emotional wellbeing.

Menstrual Education:

It is beneficial for girls to understand their experience of growing up as unique by normalising the variation of possible changes in girls during puberty.  This supports them to powerfully recognise and work with their own unique flow, connecting to their strengths and not working against them.

Individual private sessions are available for teenage girls, providing a nurturing environment for them to explore their own experience and come to a deeper understanding of the energies at play in the menstrual cycle.

Combined sessions also available for mothers and daughters to each explore their own understanding of the menstrual cycle, side by side, whilst witnessing each other.  Nourishing the intimate mother-daughter connection as together they unfold with their unique experience of the feminine cycle.

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This information is priceless and every woman's birth-rite.

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