Cool on the Inside

by Facilitated by Jane Bennett

Here are some comments made by a number of teenage girls who have participated in Cool on the Inside.

~ I was surprised how much I didn't know about love and sex. It was great to talk about it comfortably with you and the other girls.

~ Loved the things we made, the beads and stuff.

~ Thanks so much. Had fun. Learnt heaps.

~ I liked how everyone was really open and sharing ideas about being more comfortable with the body you have.

~ I liked listening to other people and how they felt about things and everything was interesting.

~ I loved doing the yoga and energy thing and all the conversations.

~ The things about protection and sex were interesting and the pictures of the egg and baby forming.

~ I really liked that we could talk freely about questions that were awkward.

~ I like the openness of everyone in the group and the cards were cool.

~ I learnt some great new stuff! About brains and sex and people.

~ I liked being open about awkward situations, being myself and not feeling judged, and learning new things.

~ I really liked the chance to talk about all that stuff! The conversation on periods... well, basically the whole thing!

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