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Harmonising and Creating Balance

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The female archetypes are those that are associated with different stages of a woman’s life.  Melissa writes about them in much greater detail in her book Connecting Cycles.

An example of one of the archetypes is the Mother.  Although it is biologically possible for a woman to become a mother anytime during her fertile years, not all women chose or can become mothers.  Yet we can still recognise Mothers  across all age groups and genders.  We can see archetypal Mothers'  who are very young children, adults and the elderly by the way that they put others needs over and beyond their own.  Not necessarily a good thing!  Whilst embodying the Mother archetype during the labour intensive stage of mothering children is a vital element for their emotional and physical wellbeing.  If she doesn't move through this stage, or is there prematurely she runs a very real risk of becoming depleted and resentful.

Whilst this is a simplistic explanation of the Mother archetype and one which I think we can all relate too, there is so much more to offer by understanding the archetypes.  Achieving a understanding and developing a personal relationship with ones own archetypal forces creates harmony which will support a balanced hormonal system rippling out to influence all areas of life.

"Female archetypes teach us how to tune into our lives and what we need to pay more attention to."

Working with the energies of these archetypes rather than against them allows us to come into peace and harmony with the different phases of our lives.  When we deny their influence they manifest in our lives at an unconscious and we feel powerless to them.  When they are recognised and integrated, we have the capacity to move mountains.

Subtly, these energies play out within our menstrual month.  Information is accessed when women come into sync with the archetypal changes that occur during this time. 

At times when women experience difficulties or trauma during a specific life stage, they can find themselves stuck in the archetypal pattern.  Like an adult woman who responds to life from a childhood space, having lost her mother at an early age. This affects her health, wellbeing and equilibrium.

Female archetypes teach us how to tune into our lives and what we need to pay more attention to.  They are like stories held deeply within the feminine body, connecting to universal energies that link across all time and culture.

According to Caroline Myss, a well-known and publicised author, the first awareness of archetypes dates back to Plato (c. 427-347 BC), when they were called Forms.  Carl Jung, a famous 20th century psychologist was widely recognised for his revolutionary understanding of archetypes and brought their meaning to life with his teachings.

The female archetypes that are covered in this article are loosely based on seven year cycles, starting with the Daughter (aged 0-7), all the way through to the aged woman preparing to cross over into death.

Melissa Gonella is a qualified kinesiologist and Neuro-Training practitioner who specialises in women's health and wellbeing. 

Melissa has been working with women, their partners and daughters for 15 years.  She has worked with women during all of the major life transitions, such as; pregnancy, childbirth, post-partum, menarche (the first period), puberty, menstruation, fertility and menopause.  She offers her clients an integrative professional, empowering and grounded approach to health and wellbeing which is refreshing and gentle in its approach.

Melissa Gonella is fully trained and licensed to practice with the Australian Institute of Kinesiology.

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