Welcoming the First Menstrual Period

A girls first menstrual period will happen some time usually between the ages of 10 and 15.  Between the age of 10-12 years a girls psychological development is ripe for them to be prepared for the onset of menstruation even if it maybe many years until their own first period.

Celebration Day is a special mother and daughter experience which leaves them a lasting memory of being welcomed into the experience of their changing and developing bodies.

During day the girls enjoy lively discussion, fun activities, women’s stories and gentle celebration of puberty.

The first period is a signpost of the beginning of a girl’s fertile years and the menstrual cycle is an intrinsic aspect of womanhood. Extensive research has shown that for young girls who experience menarche well-prepared, with a positive introduction and emotional support, the result is higher self-esteem, fewer negative cycle related symptoms, favourable overall menstrual perception and easier subsequent births.


Celebration Day for Girls video with workshop founder Jane Bennett. www.celebrationdayforgirls.com


Supporting your daughters' transition as she moves through puberty in a positive light and participating in Celebration Day for Girls has a profound and lasting impact on them. By enabling a healthy and grounded experience of the changes of puberty we deeply nourish girls’ self-esteem, self-awareness and positive body-image. In this way we can support a physical and psychological integrity that underpins healthy decision making around relationships, sex and fertility when that time comes, as well as other life choices.

At the Celebration Day girls are warmly invited into the time-honoured, nurturing connection and support women have long shared with each other. Many participants report that their mother-daughter relationship is enriched and enlivened as the doors of communication is the key area of female experience and development are opened wide.

The first part of the day is spent with the girls on their own and, just before lunch, the mothers/female carers will join us for the rest of the day (and grandmothers who are available and wish to participate).

And, for the Mothers

"Since the Celebration Day, Sophie has been so chatty and open - asking questions about menstruation and talking about all the changes and experiences of puberty.   I am so pleased." 

Given the relatively short time that I can be with the girls there is an obvious limit to what I can cover of this vast, fascinating and vital subject. Much of the role of provider of information, wisdom and guidance will fall, naturally and rewardingly, to mothers and female carers. For this reason we meet on our own for a two hour session before the Celebration Day. This is an important preparation for the Celebration Day and has ongoing benefits for mothers and daughters.

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“I find women of any age, from girls through to grandmothers, are always interested in hearing positive, unembarrassed information about the amazing processes of a girls first menstrual period and enjoying being able to talk about their experiences in a supportive non-judgemental environment.” ~ Jane Bennett ~ 


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