Health and Wellbeing for Women

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Adrenal Function
More Than Just Stress Regulation

Blog Article Part 1

Adrenal function is popularly recognised as the little guys that control the ‘fight or flight’ response, however they are vitally important for so many other reasons which are essential to life. 

When the adrenals are under pressure it leaves a reduced amount of energy to compensate for wellbeing in other areas.


Adrenal Fatigue
Burning the Candle at Both Ends

Blog Article Part 2

For many years, I masked my fatigue symptoms and continued to burn the candle at both ends, maintaining the status quo with an obsession for coffee and sugary things.

Whilst I'd tried a number of things to cure my fatigue, it was not until I began to unwind my stress patterns that I found lasting results.


Female Archetypes
Harmonising and Creating Balance

Female archetypes teach us how to tune into our lives and what it is that we need to pay more attention to.

Understanding, then embodying these archetypal forces will create balance and harmonise social attitude, the hormonal system, and continue to ripple out and influence all areas of life, for the better!


Women's Power
The Importance of Connecting to the Cycle

Inadvertently denying the connection that the monthly cycle has to a woman's power has a direct impact on her family, community and compromises her health and wellbeing.


Raunch Culture
Un-real Expectations of What's Normal

Raunch culture is a reasonably new term, and is also known as a 'sexualised culture'.  Valuing women as a commodity and I'm questioning the small ways we can engage with raunch and the cost that it is having on the health and wellbeing for women.