Kinesiology and Neuro Training by Melissa Gonella

by Linda Kastanja

Melissa’s Kinesiology and Neuro training have given my me back emotional balance, self empowerment, self love, physical health and better introspection.

Her approach to this work comes from her heart and her passion to be of service to people. She has ear and space for whatever needs to be expressed. With much care and punctuality she offers what is expressed to the body and the brain. With that she steps into a world of kinesiology and neuro training communication and healing possibilities.

I feel complete trust in her knowledge and her abilities to work with and support the body and mind for my well being because she keeps the treatment real. With that I mean that there is knowledge and wisdom coming through her work without the need of any cultish way of bringing this to the people.

Melissa is giving you back what you offer to her. There is no pull or push. There is you surrendering to her knowledge and wisdom with asking and sharing your needs and stories. I can assure you that she will give you whatever you allow what you need for yourself. This means that it is the client that has to do the work. She has the knowledge and wisdom to mirror to you what is needed.

She is capable to balance your imbalances by being able to read what your body and brain reflect about the state you are in. I have experienced astoundingly quick results by just opening up to her guidance and ideas without too much questions. It has given me tools and ways to take better care of myself and also to valuing myself as an amazing creature with such an amazing body and mind.

Find Melissa and you’ll meet your body, your mind and how amazingly capable you are to heal yourself holistically.

“Thank you Melissa, your humble, grounded, warm and focussed ways of body work have brought me more trust in myself and in my body. I feel grateful to know you and to come to your practice.”

With much gratitude.

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