Neuro-Training Kinesiology Eltham Clinic specialises in hormonal health and welcomes both women, men and children.

Everyone can benefit from these treatments for a wide range of reasons.

Seemingly untreatable symptoms can be resolved as every session allows for each individual's needs to be understood and changes made for better functioning.  

Kinesiology is a therapy which uses a muscle response to monitor what it is within the body that is not working optimally (and most importantly), in what order it needs to be addressed.

Melissa provides your system with solution orientated solutions using the latest Neuro-Training Kinesiology methods.  The Kinesiology Eltham Clinic is conveniently located at the Ridge Health and Wellbeing Centre, 3/286 Bolton Street, Eltham.

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"I am so glad I gave this Kinesiology Eltham Clinic a shot.  I recommend Melissa Gonella highly, because with her I got amazing results!" Natalie Kellett, BSoc Sci BA (Hon)

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At the Neuro-Training Kinesiology Eltham Clinic Melissa has a particular interest in;

  • Women's Health Concerns Such as Menstrual Difficulties Including Hormonal, Breast Tenderness, Period or Ovulatory Pain, PMS or PMT, Absent Periods, Heavy Bleeding, Menopausal Symptoms, Hot Flushes and Flashes, Sleeplessness, Dry Skin etc.
  • Fertility (men and women), Pregnancy, Birth Preparation and Post-natal Care.
  • IVF Support.
  • Anxiety and Depression.
  • Acute Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress.
  • Negative Relationship Patterns.
  • Achieving Goals and Financial Wealth.
  • Allergies and Nutrition.
  • Stress and Adrenal Fatigue.
  • Clearing Pain Patterns, albeit Physical or Emotional Ones.
  • Viruses, Bacteria and/or Parasites.
  • Sleeping Problems.
  • Bed Wetting.
  • Addressing Inherent Family Weaknesses.

Every session is a unique experience, because kinesiology with Neuro-Training will follow your own unique healing or recuperation pattern. Why is that?  Because even when presenting similar symptom patterns, every person is different to the next.  Your body will respond differently and will have created your symptom pattern out of circumstance that is different to the next person.

Therefore, whilst one technique may be best for one person, it will not be the best option for the next person.  Which is why we use kinesiology (muscle monitoring) as the way to guide a consultation. 

What can you expect in a consultation?  Here is an example of some of the techniques that you may experience;

  • Acupressure points and meridian techniques.
  • Lymphatic massage .
  • Neuro-vascular techniques.
  • Emotional releasing techniques.
  • Different structural techniques for the skeletal system.
  • Different muscle movement techniques to access different circuits of information.

Feel free to ask me any questions or book a session.  Contact me or go to the booking page.

If I don't feel like I've got any major symptoms or issues can kinesiology with Neuro-Training still help?  The short answer is yes, there is always some aspects where we can do life better, you do not need to be sick to get better.  It might be being able to faster in a marathon, recuperate quicker following one, or get past the mind barriers for a training regime.  It could be exam stress, or getting past the reactions you are having with a loved one, business colleague or the mother-in-law.

Neuro-Training Kinesiology Eltham Clinic offers such a welcoming and beautiful space to just come in and relax and look after number 1 - You!

How long do I allow for a Kinesiology Session?

Many say that they experience treatments as being very gentle and relaxing. 

You will need to allow for 1 hour for your session.

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What can I expect following my Kinesiology Session.

Neuro-Training Kinesiology Eltham provides a unique combination of two powerful neurological disciplines which draw upon the latest research globally.

As a practitioner of both Neuro-Training and kinesiology, Melissa uses simple yet accurate muscle monitoring as a way of identifying what is happening within the person.

Throughout your sessions Melissa will make you feel welcomed, comfortable and accepted.  Melissa understands that healing and recuperating is a natural impulse and part of being human.  Everybody has the ability to recuperate, its just that sometimes because of our past experiences, or genetic history we can get a little stuck in sorting that out.

Stresses, trauma, injuries, diseases, unresolved issues, emotional problems, learning difficulties all limit our ability to be healthy because dealing with them uses up our precious available energy.  Leaving less for maintaining well-being, and leading us towards new symptoms, illness, stresses, nutritional deficiencies' or allergies.

You can expect that following your sessions that your nervous system will begin to retrace and sort through old patterns it needs for healing to occur, you may experience a sense of clarity and purpose, or you may feel that this clarity takes more sessions to reach.  As everyone has a different experience in life you may recuperate faster or slower than another.  It all depends on your past conditioning, your genetic references and your available energy and resources to heal.

As a rule of thumb the longer the symptom pattern trail the longer it will take to re-train your neurology to retrace the symptom pattern that you may have come to address at the clinic.  Even if it takes several sessions to resolve the concerning symptom patterns know that your neurology will do life better and better after each session.  Together, we will work towards lasting outcomes through solution orientation care rather than the short term fix approach.

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Melissa Gonella Cert IV Kinesiology, Cert IV Solution Orientated Neuro-Training, Natural Fertility Management Fertility Education.

Member of the Australian Institute of Kinesiology.

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