by Jess

I began seeing Melissa for Kinesiology sessions because I had been experiencing reoccurring UTI's for over 18 months (stemming from a long history of candida) and adrenal fatigue. I have experienced a shift in these issues since committing to journeying with Melissa and the work she offers. I am now experiencing increased mind clarity, increased energy, more stability in my pelvis and significant decrease in UTI symptoms. Melissa's belief in the body as the holder of wisdom provides a stable foundation for her work. She methodically works with the body; listening, responding, accepting. Melissa was able to facilitate my system to move from the symptom and crisis stage to being able to work with the underlying patterns of my health issues. This, to me, is the true power of kinesiology. Melissa delivers the work with such clarity, breadth of knowledge and compassion and for this I am most grateful.

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