Melissa Gonella Kinesiology

by Parisa
(Melbourne )

Here is my story! I still remember those days very well. A few month ago I was experiencing too much stress from my work place which caused several panic attacks and I had to quit my job.

I was also feeling very depressed after having multiple miscarriages. I was desperate and never thought anything or anyone in the world can help me at all and that I would have to carry all those crap feelings.

I was really lucky that I found Melissa. Melissa kinesiology was like a miracle in my life. It changed my life so quickly, after I started my sessions with Melissa, everything changed. New doors opened to my life and I could see the lights. The more sessions I had with Melissa, the more happiness came to my life and I feel amazing now.

If you have any of those crap feelings that I have had and want to bring happiness back to your life, please go and see Melissa as she will help you to go through this journey. Or even if you feel ok but you want to be better in your work, life and so on, again Melissa kinesiology can help you.

Everyone deserves a better life.
Love, Parisa

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