Menstruation Problems

When I was a teenager, I did not have any menstruation problems, I just wanted to avoid the hassle of it really.  I felt peer group pressure to go on the Pill with my friends, in order to provide contraception.  Without a healthy understanding of the benefits of the cycle I just wanted to put it into a convenient compartment where I could control the timing of my bleeding.

The Pill obviously affects fertility as it changes a woman's hormonal balance artificially and it stops the menstrual cycle by putting the body into a state similar to that of being constantly pregnant.  As a young adult I began to question this, realising that this was a very unhealthy way to look at my menstrual cycle and my fertility long term.  Little did I know that I had also devalued the connection to my core feminine nature by taking artificial hormones daily and I was none the wiser to what I was missing out on.

In my early 20's because of the concern I felt about the damaging effects of the Pill, I stopped taking it.  Somewhere, deep inside I knew that whilst I remained on the Pill I was not experiencing the 'real' me.  I knew that one day I would most likely want to have children so addressing any potential menstruation problems naturally and promptly seemed to make perfect sense to me.  The time had come to get to know the real Melissa, complete with hormonal changes, real menstrual bleeding and ovulation. 

However, after I stopped taking the Pill, I experienced irregular periods which were often very long and confusing to me.  In the late 90’s, I met my life partner and we were beginning to make long-term plans together.  We decided to see a natural fertility consultant to learn more about my ovulation and explore why my cycle was irregular.  Learning how to chart and understand my cycle helped me to gain answers and I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaries. 

Connecting to the Power of the Pregnancy-Birth Cycle also lead me to understand the Power of the Menstrual Cycle.

With the help of a kinesiologist, and following some recommended dietary and lifestyle changes I was able to create new pathways of healing, regulate my cycle, clear up my menstruation problems and fall pregnant. 

During my first pregnancy in 2000, I became an informed birthing consumer.  I trusted in my ability to give birth naturally, so I made some powerful choices about where, and with whom I was to give birth.  Following the birth of my second child, I was inspired to continue to support other women and families in this way so I became a qualified Doula. 

In 2005, I gave birth to my third child, and some time later, following a miscarriage, my partner and I consciously chose not to conceive any more children.  This was a challenging time for me, during which I came to the powerful realisation of the transformational energy available to women who choose to consciously engage with their menstrual cycle. Relating to my own cycle with more awareness, I was able to express and move on from the sadness and loss I had felt as a woman who had come to an end of my phase as pregnant and birthing.

The cycle gave me the ability to face my feelings as they waxed and waned throughout the month. I gave myself permission to heartfelt expression of these feelings, which were stronger during particular times in my cycle.  Releasing these tender feelings allowed healing to occur, I became strong and more present in my life. This for me was true recognition of the power of the menstrual cycle and with this new awareness, I actively brought menstruality into my life.
It is from this deeply personal journey, that I offer myself to others offering support through and beyond their own unique symptomology or menstruation problems. 

Menstrual problems are not to be put up and swept under the carpet, yet so many women will suffer in silence.  Please do not allow these problems to continue, I encourage you to make some positive change and contact me today to arrange an appointment.

Effective Treatment for Menstruation Problems.

I believe, it is important for women to understand their bodies, their natural fertility rhythms and their menstrual wellbeing as these things are integrally linked to the deep connection and wellbeing that is only possible through understanding and allowing these cycles naturally. 

As a qualified kinesiologist, Neuro-Trainer and positive menstrual educator, I understand that not all menstrual problems occur for the same reasons.  In fact, there are more menstruation disease labels for women than their are similar labels for men, so it would seem for many that being female is a pre-cursor to disease. 

However, I believe this is a product of our environment and our society and one that can be changed.  Through kinesiology and Neuro-Training, we work together to create new pathways for you to be able to recuperate from whatever your menstruation problem maybe.  Please feel free to contact me to discuss your personal circumstances, I will be honest and let you know if I think that kinesiology and Neuro-Training can help you.

BIRTH CARE: Although I no longer work as a birthing doula, I continue to offer women pre-conception, pregnancy, birth and post delivery nutritional health analyses and care.

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