with nurturing mother and daughter activities

As part of the Diamond Valley Red Tent collective, Melissa Gonella co-ordinates these nourishing gatherings.  At which you can expect special mother and daughter activities, such as art, craft, wholesome talk, laughter and a fun afternoon spent with others.

This space for mothers and daughters has been created to inspire and encourage the bonds of connection within this relationship as daughters grow and move towards their passage into young womanhood. 

Limited places,  Bookings are essential.

Mother and Daughter Red Tent
For Daughters of Any Age
(most popularly attended by girls of any primary school age)

Anna Foletta is currently managing all of the Diamond Valley Red Tent groups and activities.  She maybe contacted on 0417 314 252.

"Mothers and daughters have a special bond and it is important that we carve out special mother and daughter activities, such as time spent nurturing and creating memories"

The memories we have of our mum last a life-time and it can be easy to find that during our typical day-to-day schedule (especially if you work full time or have other children) there can be little time left to spend creating special time together. 

Not only can we miss opportunities to do nice activities together, but we might also be teaching our daughters not to stop, not to slow down, not to take time to smell the roses! This can become a disservice to them when they grow into teenager and then women who don’t know how to slow down.  This mother and daughter Red Tent is gentle and a place to model slowing down whilst enjoying the company of other women and girls.  We want to share the message that slowing down and taking some ‘me’ time is something that has value and worth in their lives.

There is an extra little secret agenda to share with you about why we have created this space for you and your daughter(s).  We also want to introduce your daughter(s) to the nourishment of connection that is possible in circle space, because we know that being a 21st century teenager can be tough.  

Teenagers will more often look towards their peers and not their parents for support and advice.  As parents, it is important to recognise this as a healthy developmental stage, and by planting seeds now with our girls will increase the likely-hood that as teenagers they will continue to feel comfortable in a held circle setting.  This space we call The Girl’s Shed or maybe it might even be a local youth group or something similar.

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