My Daughter's First Menstrual Cycle

by Melissa

A blanket especially being crafted by the women in my daughter's life.

A blanket especially being crafted by the women in my daughter's life.

My daughter recently had her very first period (she is 13 years old). She was well prepared and chuffed to be making her step into womanhood. I was equally pleased, knowing in my heart of hearts that I'd prepared her well. I gave her a journal in a leather cover and her father gave her the most sparkly, elegant earrings. I asked her if there was something special she would like to do with either family or friends to celebrate. She knew exactly what she wanted and clearly articulated it.

And so, we went camping for a night out with some mothers and daughters that she felt comfortable sharing this time with. We told stories, shared gifts, sang and began to knit squares for a blanket that will embody this important transition for her into womanhood. It was such a memorable time together. Simple and uniquely her, filling her up with the self esteem that she is unique, beautiful and growing up into an extraordinary young woman.

I feel very grateful for the Celebration Day for Girls workshop. This was an special day for both of us back in 2011, it set the tone for her to be welcomed into the experience of becoming a woman so beautifully.

I'm one proud mum who is bearing witness to my daughter as she feels embraced and healthily acknowledged into this important life transition.

It is such a privilege to see this being a nourishing experience for her, which of course is just as it should be.

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