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Natural Fertility and Menstrual Health Consultations in Eltham, Vic


Step-by-step expert guidance on how to map the fertile signs of your cycle gives women the knowledge and confidence to know their own body's natural fertility indicators.  Natural Family Planning can be difficult and confusing to learn from a book or the web because everyone is different.  Discussing this on a one-on-one basis breaks down this confusion.  Once armed with this knowledge it can be used to assist conception or natural birth control to avoid pregnancy.  A minimum of three appointments is recommended, to enable you to gain a confident understanding of both the fertile and infertile states.

Partners can also benefit from understanding natural fertility and can provide women with welcomed support.  They also feel like they are an integral part of the process of natural family planning, which of course they are.  Men can find the changes that occur during a woman’s menstrual month confusing and it can be helpful for them to have some understanding of the mechanic’s behind the shifting hormones.

If you have recently come off the pill, Depo-Provera or some other chemical contraceptive method, re-engaging with your menstrual cycle in a natural way can be a challenging but rewarding experience.

It is during these sessions that you will gain a much greater understanding of the cyclic changes that occur throughout the month.  This understanding enables women to engage with these changes in a conscious way.  It is with this awareness of our menstrual health that we can create a balanced way of being; achieving our goals, (work, study, relationships, health, etc.) whilst learning to come from a place of inner resourcefulness and sustainability and not one which is slowly depleting our body’s resources over time.  This gradual depletion of a women’s health is the platform on which the world places its expectations on us. This doesn't have to be reality. It is possible to choose to live from another more sustainable place, powerfully engaging with our deepest desires and truest feelings. 

Learning to be guided by our own innate wisdom, through understanding and listening to the changes that occur during the monthly menstrual cycle also prepares us for other major life transitions that demand our attention, such as giving birth and menopause.



Certainly, when health goes off the rails, realignment often requires support from one or more carefully selected caregivers, however we must not forget to learn what our own body is trying to tell us.  Whenever we forget or choose not to listen to our body’s messages, illness, pain and disease can result. Often when the symptoms are alleviated with medication, we see them return in some other guise in an attempt to remind us that we have not really listened to the message.

Natural Family Planning Consultations are not merely for couples wanting to conceive a children but are an important aspect for any woman wanting to engage with her cyclic nature connecting her to the greater rhythms of the universe. 


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Women are fortunate enough to have an internal map that gives them directions on the most promising times for everything they do 
Dr. Rebecca Orleane from The Return of the Divine Feminine

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