Positive Period Shop
Quality Cloth Pads, Books and Oracle Cards
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At the positive period shop you will sustainable and positive products which support life affirming menstruation.

Purchase quality cloth menstrual pads, which will save on your pocket and on landfill one pad at a time! 

For Supplements or Herbs use this iHerb link and receive $5 off your first order.

Also, available are a range of positive period books for young children right the way through to grown women and some beautiful locally made oracle cards. 

In fact, all of these products have been locally designed and created by women for women.

Special Note: If you are local to the Eltham area or if you are a client and would like to arrange to pick up your items you can do so without incurring postage costs, just select pick up at the checkout.  

Catalogue for the Positive Period Shop


Quality Cloth Pads

I love these pads! After using cloth pads for 15 years I can honestly say these are my favourites.  They wash well, are comfortable and don't move around. Thank you so much. - Nina

Do yourselves a favour and give these superb pads a try ladies. They are amazingly comfortable and far superior to any disposable product I've used.  To anyone who hasn't tried them, open your mind and give them a go - you really don't know what your missing. - Megan.

Cycling to Grandma's House - Book for Young Girls

This is a great read, and so needed! It is so necessary! I love the fact that the protagonist is an 8 year old girl - just like my daughter.  We both love the colourful range of ways that cultures celebrate menarche (your first period) around the world, set in an engaging, readable story.  Janoel

Becoming - a Woman, book for girls 

I gave this book to my daughter when she was about 12 years old, we snuggled on the couch and read the beautiful story together.  It was a magically moment; I will always cherish the way she looked at me and said how beautiful the story was.  I had brought two glow in the dark stars (as is mentioned in the story) and we both stuck one up in our bedroom windows to welcome the Moon Goddess (who leaves her mark with a red rose).  My daughter hadn't had her first period at that stage, I loved how the book weaved together a positive, life affirming story with grounded, useful information.  A must for every book shelf. - Mel

The Pill - Are You Sure It is For You?

I recommend this book to all females in every stage of their lives and menstrual flow. 

The pill is not natural and as an OB/GYN RN, Maternity Nurse, I have recommended for decades that women leave these hormones out of their bodies. They are toxic. - Paula

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