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Supporting Girls and Teens Through Puberty Changes

Supporting girls and teens through puberty changes

Raising our children with awareness is one of the most challenging things that parents will ever do, making choices to support our daughters emotional needs through their puberty changes could be one of the greatest gifts that we as mothers can ever give them.

Extensive research has shown the connection between our thoughts, their effect on our overall health.

So, it is of no surprise that when our girls are faced with the negative impacts of modern media, advertising and some unfortunate social perceptions, that these are on some level influencing the way that they view themselves, possibly also affecting their self esteem and body image.

When a girl is supported and educated to experience her body and her cycle positively with the right amount of emotional support, the result is higher self esteem, fewer negative cycle related symptoms and a favourable overall menstrual perception.  This has been linked to her being able to have better relationships and birthing experiences later on. 

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Positive menstrual education for girls aged 10-12 years of age.  Together, the mothers and daughters enjoy a fun filled day of creativity and gentle celebration of the changes that puberty  brings.  Connecting with other mother's and daughter's of a similar age brings the girls a real sense of comradeship, and normalises a topic that for many can be quite hidden away.

This is a full day workshop, plus a free information session (2-hours) for just the mums prior to the Celebration.  The cost of $140 is all inclusive (for both mother and daughter) and package discounts are available for groups.

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Beyond the Celebration Day (though Celebration Day is not a pre-requisite), this workshop is for older girls aged 13-16.  Specifically tailored for this age group, the day is filled with fun activities, discussion and plenty of laughs.  Girls of this age, appreciate knowing more about the realities of life which relate to sexuality, identity, body image and how to navigate the menstrual cycles (or it's moods). 

Girls may assure you that they know everything, but be assured that this grounding workshop will bring together what they do know into a fuller perspective that will benefit them for many years to come.  

The workshop requires a minimum of 6 participants.

The standard price is $140, packages are available for groups.

Contact us if you are interested in your daughter participating.

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Fathers Celebrating Daughters
Two hour Workshop for dads of daughters to be prepared for puberty changes.

Fathers have a special and important role to play as their daughters metamorphose from little girls through early puberty changes to menstruating and fertile young women.  Let's face it dads are the most important men in their lives.

This is workshop is very important because for men as the territory can feel foreign.  Maybe your not sure what to expect and either have a sense that the relationship may change (or it has changed). 

  • How to respond to them as they develop?
  • Feeling prepared?
  • Hormones... What does it all mean? How does it work? What is the most healthy way to respond to promote self-esteem and healthy body image?  How does this connect to puberty and the positive menstrual awareness?
  • What are unhealthy responses?

Dads can expect a lively and quite possibly enlightening discussion with many great tips and ideas.  Especially for fathers wishing to open and maintain conversations with their daughters.

Standard price is $35 and packages are available for groups.

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