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Giving Un-real Expectations of What's Normal?

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Raunch culture is a reasonably new term, and is also known as a 'sexualised culture'.  Coming from the perspective that such things as pole-dancing for example, are an expression of sexuality in an empowering way.  Yes, ok, but I'm interested in the cost this has for both men and women on how the female body is perceived.  Expressing ourselves as raunch feels as though women are valuing themselves more as a commodity.  I'm questioning the cost this has on a women's health and wellbeing long-term.

An innovative Yogawear company want women to choose to be immune to how the industries want us to view our bodies.
It's a very good clip!

So as you can see there are two sides to this debate, the lines are blurred between what is a true expression of strength and what empowered sexuality actually is.  Women are finding themselves in the dangerous place of believing that to express their sexuality they must publicly objectify their bodies as a commodity.

This emergence in our culture is changing the way women are perceived by themselves and also impacts the perception men have of women too.  Young women are particularly vulnerable falling into the trap of expressing themselves in a sexualised way thought their social media portals.  It's affecting their self-esteem, triggering things like anxiety, depression and eating disorders.  These abnormalities of feelings and behaviours are scarring our young women and I have seen many in clinic who are battling with the symptoms that continue to impact them many years on.  

"Women who believe that their power is linked
to the ability to look and act young will meet up against this incompleteness
again and again throughout their lifetime"

Older women are not immune either.  Fighting against the normal aging process is also a representation of how women are impacted by the experience of their body's as they change and the way they value themselves as a consequence. 

When a woman of any age bases her sense of self on something external, such as the way she looks or judges the way someone else looks, there is an interruption to the connection she has with her own authentic power.  Women who believe that their power is linked to the ability to look and act young will meet up against this incompleteness again and again throughout their lifetime. 

It is important that as women we claim our strength from the inner landscape of who we are so that we can model this for our girls navigating the media and a commodity driven society.  By all means keep fit by pole dancing, but do it because it is a body fitness that you desire and not an external image.

Melissa supports the foundation of finding the true expression of your sexuality that is both authentic and powerful.

This is not based on big business sales, the right hair colour, but upon finding your own truth and connecting to that wisdom.

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Melissa Gonella is a qualified kinesiologist and Neuro-Training practitioner who specialises in women's health and wellbeing. 

Melissa has been working with women, their partners and daughters for 15 years.  She has worked with women during all of the major life transitions, such as; pregnancy, childbirth, post-partum, menarche (the first period), puberty, menstruation, fertility and menopause.  She offers her clients an integrative professional, empowering and grounded approach to health and wellbeing which is refreshing and gentle in its approach.

Melissa Gonella is fully trained and licensed to practice with the Australian Institute of Kinesiology.

Originally published 2/12/2014

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