Here are some testimonies of what people have thought about the programs and sessions Melissa runs for women, girls and fathers.

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Your Beautiful Life 
I was tentative as I started my journey through YBL. With the book sitting beside my bed for some time before I opened the first page. Upon opening the … read more.

Women's Circle; Connecting cycles 
At the other end of a somewhat trying week, I found our connecting cycles group was still connecting. Although our course was formally over, and members... read more.

Celebration Day for Girls 
Thank you for all the preparation, time and effort you put into making today such great day. Isabella and I both had a very special time. As we drove … read more.

Connecting Cycles Workshops
What a privilege it is to be connected in such a real and sometimes raw way, with this group of wonderful women. By exploring the different female archetypes … read more.

Cool on the Inside in Greensborough
I've really enjoyed this day because I've never talked about these things in a little group of girls and it's really different than talking with classmates… Read more

Cool on the Inside for teenage girls 
It was a great day to talk about things you wouldn't usually talk about in a safe and open environment. Amber

Girls Celebration Day ~ Lucinda Flynn in Hurstbridge
What I liked best about this workshop is that it was a huge mix of information for the girls on all the diverse aspects of menstruation and going through puberty… Read more

Celebration Day and my daughter with physical disabilities 
When my daughter with physical disabilities finally reached her first bleed, I was relieved that she was comfortable and confident with what was going … Read more

My Daughter's First Menstrual Cycle 
My daughter recently had her very first period (she is 13 years old). She was well prepared and chuffed to be making her step into womanhood. I was equally … read more.

Women's Circle ~ Sunday's First Session 
Hi Melissa, I just wanting to let you know that I really enjoyed the session on Sunday. I now know that I really did need a space to not only connect … read more.

Celebration Day for Girls ~ Lyn in Vermont 
Dear Melissa, thank you for facilitating a lovely day for the girls. That night my daughter was very comfortable in giving an overview of the day to our … read more.

Women's Circle; Connecting Cycles ~ Melbourne 
I would like to share how beneficial this process has been to me as a women. I really connected with my cycle in an intimate way that never felt forced … read more.

Menstruality Workshop ~ Sarah Hardy, Laurimar, Melbourne 
I feel so much richer in understanding my mind and body after attending this workshop on menstruality. Having wonderful women to sit in circle with to … read more.

Your Beautiful Life Group 
How can I articulate the journey of Your Beautiful Life clearly to someone who is about to turn the first page... This book for me was about meeting … read more.

A First Period Story ~ Celebration Day For Girls 
A short few month's after my daughter and I attended a Celebration Day for Girls, she had her first period (she was in Grade 5). Before attending the … read more.

Women's Circle; Connecting Cycles ~ Naina, Melbourne    Being part of the "Connecting Cycles" classes has given me much insight into my feminine "being-ness", my personal power, and the interconnection of everything ... read more.

Natural Fertility Consultations ~ Ingrid Gaiotto in Eltham, Victoria
I was inspired to follow and trust in my own personal and feminine rhythms much more than I have been used to doing.

Celebration Day for Girls ~ Briar Hill, Greensborough 
It was important for me that my daughter would have a positive and happy experience with her transition into womanhood. Melissa's Celebration Day helped … read more.

Celebration Day for Girls ~ Allison Casas in Montmorency
Leading up to the girls' celebration my girl was very resistant to attend, which was in line with how she felt about growing up - resistant! After the … read more.

Celebration Day for Girls ~ Katherine, Melbourne 
What a lovely time we had celebrating womanhood and the stories that go with it. My daughter loved the day and enjoyed the stories, laughter and creating … read more.

Cool on the Inside, Jane in Victoria
Here are some comments made by a number of teenage girls who have participated in Cool on the Inside. ~ I was surprised how much I didn't know about … read more.

Natural Fertility Consultations ~ Tanya Christofas, Box Hill
I believe Melissa's work is beneficial and valuable. I have studied many interpretations of the menstrual cycle and I recognise not everyone falls into … read more.

Connecting Cycles Course ~ Stephanie in Eltham
Suffering severely with period pain and a debilitating PMS for most of my menstrual life, I held the belief that I had to ignore my natural rhythm. I sought … read more.

Workshop & Private Sessions ~ Lisa-Marie in Rosanna
I just wanted to write and let you know that I was delighted to be a part of the workshop that was held at Briar Hill Enviro Hub last Sunday. Along with … read more.

Women's Circle, Rachel in MacLeod
It was after having my children that I realised that I was totally ignorant to what was happening in my menstrual cycle. Fluctuations in my mood and feelings … read more.

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