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a 13 Module Course

When we combining the uniqueness of being women and spirituality together, we innately connect to a harmony within that nurtures and supports us. This course draws on traditional feminine teachings in a contemporary way. 

You will learn about the integrity of the cycle and the importance that we stay connected to ourselves.  The menstrual cycle has the ability to intertwine women and spirituality in a rewarding way.  This course is designed for women of any age and any fertility status, it doesn’t even matter if you no longer cycle. It is a course about life and softens the way we view ourselves and the women around us. The course content will meet you wherever you are currently, whatever age, religion, occupation, biological stage, as it teaches wisdom through observation and understanding nature, life and all natural cycles.

We will spend each month drawing upon the wisdom of the female archetypes that govern our different life phases, loosely held in seven year cycles. 


Sessions are spread out over 13 modules, plus an introduction and it is recommended that we make time together on a regular monthly basis.  Each month’s focus is on a different aspect of a woman’s life and connections are made from these life stages to different times in the menstrual month.  Following each session, a module is handed out for you to explore during the time between sessions, giving each participant the space required to allow their own gentle unfolding, deepening their understanding of the mysteries of the feminine, women and spirituality. 

This course is designed for women who prefer to work solo or with people they know.  The sessions can be arranged at your home if that suits you better, they can also be over the phone or internet with an interface such as Skype or Viber.

Alternatively, you can join a group of women that come together from different walks of life.  I arrange for a new group to start approximately every 18 months.

Menstruality Course
Our barometer of health, the place where women and spirituality meet.

This course can be done privately, either in person or over Skype.

Course is also offered as a Women's Circle.

When women become conscious of their menstrual cycle, they connect to, and support a higher level of spiritual awareness.


In our western culture there is such a strong pull to deny our feminine selves, keeping our emotions in check, calm and under control throughout the month.  This actually goes against the grain of our nature, we are made in the image of change and this is our greatest gift.  Women who come to understand and honour this and not fight against it come into alignment with their power, strength, clarity and purpose.  When we don’t understand how to ride these changes that occur, triggered by our hormones, we are left trying to push them away, which only makes them stomp their presence louder in our lives, This may manifest as out of control emotions, pain or illness.

A woman’s health and the health of her menstrual cycle is intrinsically connected to her ability to live from her authentic self.  It involves choosing to live a sustainable life, just like you may choose recycled over virgin products. By connecting to our feminine selves, we also connect to Mother Nature and by strengthening our ability to ‘walk the talk’ it also strengthens her.  If we only address environmental issues by making external choices, (ie. recycling, fair trade etc.) then we are failing to 'walk the talk', sustainability also comes from within and making choices that sustain us, sustains and heals the Earth also.

This is the way of peace: overcome evil with good,
and falsehood with truth, and hatred with love.
~ Peace Pilgrim ~

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