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What is a Womens Circle?

A Womens Circle is a group of women who meet regularly.  Women who come together to share, to support and to grow.  Gathering this way can be likened to internal yoga for the soul.  Within these circles, women are able to stretch and explore the boundaries of their inner thoughts and feelings.

Connections are made with others in a nourishing and wholesome way.  Yet, this is no longer the normal practice for women of the 21st century.  It is more common to connect and chat over a cup of tea, a phone call, a few drinks, or spending time together during an exercise or art class.  Whilst connections made through these avenues can certainly be fulfilling in their own way, taking the time to meet in a more sacred space takes it to a new level.  Coming together with other  like-minded women provides opportunities to share that just don't present themselves in the hum-drum of our usual kind of day.

Ok, tell more of the details...

Together in womens circle, we share experiences and support each other to live authentically, celebrating the real, the juicy and even the uncomfortableness of living as we carve out new possibilities for ourselves and our futures.

Melissa has many years of facilitation experience and holds space with integrity and love, her focus is on supporting women's unique feminine experience. 

Generally speaking, womens circles will either meet exploring specific topics or they meet to just share and reflect on life's journeys as they unfold.

Melissa tends to draw women together in circle with the intent on expanding consciousness by relating to a specific focus.  Currently, she is running two such groups, both which meet on monthly basis.  Each group is delving into different spiritual content, which we will explain in more detail shortly.

A womens circle usually either operates as closed or open groups.  A closed circle means that no fresh women can join the group.  Closed circles allows for deeper intimacy and safety to form within a group.  An open circle is a group which allows for new women to join.  Often, closed circles will open from time to time for new women to join.  Melissa's circles are closed but open at certain intervals.

Melissa currently runs two Women's Circles, both of which are diving into different topics each month. 

Periodically, there are opportunities to join one of Melissa's Women's Circles.  Should there not be one that is available at this time we suggest you subscribe to receive her newsletter.  

This circle is full, if you would like to be invited please click here and we will let you know when spaces become available.   

The Sunday Women's Circle Group
Term 3 dates - Menstruality.

Group meets monthly in Eltham.

When: 7.30pm until late

Circle cost $25 per month and is paid at the beginning of each term.

Term 3

21st August - Reflecting upon the west, power, menopause, autumn and the archetype of the Matriarch.

Pay with Credit, Debit or Paypal.

Pay as a direct deposit;

M Gonella, BSB 633 000, Account 141872242

Over many years, Melissa has developed her own program called Connecting Cycles. Each month women gather to reflect, share and integrate different attributes of being women.  In a world that seems to value being 'in-control' and 'predicable', it can be difficult for women to integrate their naturally changeable temperaments and energy levels, whilst maintaining a healthy soul-life balance.  Opening doorways of possibilities for women to step into a greater sense of self and celebrating their unique attributes.

Read more about Connecting Cycles Group.

The Wednesday Women's Circle Group 

Group meets monthly in Eltham.

When: 1.30-3.00pm

Circle cost $15 per month and is paid at the beginning of each term.

The group will meet each month to share and draw upon the powerful teachings from within the book; Your Beautiful Life.

Read more about this Circle and Your Beautiful Life Here.

Limited places,  Bookings are essential.

Mother and Daughter Red Tent
For Daughters of Any Age
(most popularly attended by girls of any primary school age)

Anna Foletta is currently managing all of the Diamond Valley Red Tent groups and activities.  She maybe contacted on 0417 314 252.

Circling with Melissa

Melissa has sat in Women's Circles for 10 years and has been holding space for others in similar groups for nearly 5 years.  She also brings her experiences as positive menstrual educator, a doula (supporting women in child-birth) and her experience teaching and facilitating workshops.

She is happily married and the mother of two daughters aged 14 and 9 years of age and a 13-year-old son.  She also loves nature and living as close to her food sources as possible.

Melissa shares here experience;
"I have spent many years sitting in circle with other women, this has both encouraged me and challenged me to find my own voice, my own truth and my life's calling. 

Now, I feel called to witness other women, assisting them to deepen their own truths' and way of being. I live and breath this work, deeply understanding the benefits and it's capacity to heal."  

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