Connecting Cycles and the Seasons of Life

This womens group will take you on a journey with other like-minded women, who are all seeking to come into a greater relationship with themselves, by becoming more intimately connected to the power of the feminine.  The health of the menstrual cycle is intrinsically connected to a woman’s inner knowing and the discovery of how to be true to herself.  'Knowing' is a personal experience and not an absolute, learning to understand our cyclic nature that we can connect to our own inner 'knowing', that of our own truth.

Each month’s focus is on a different aspect of a woman’s life and connections are made from these life stages to different times in the menstrual month.  We also draw upon the wisdom of the female archetypes that govern our different life phases, loosely held in seven year cycles.

Womens Group
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During this womens group you will feel the connection with the other women that is felt during heart felt sharing, supporting you to become more consciously aware of your cyclic nature.  Becoming conscious of your cycle is like connecting to an inner reference guide that is only accessible to women, an intelligence that provides women with a map of self-discovery and deeper meaning.

Connecting Cycles is a monthly gathering of women that meet and sit in a held and loving circle space (the course can also be done privately if that suits you better, read more about that here.  Within this circle the same women attend each month.  All the women are on their unique journey of self discovery and becoming more aware of their connection to deep feminine intelligence. 

But unlike a circle that can go on infinitely, each month's focus is upon one of the 13 feminine archetypes, therefore the group continue to circle together for approx. 15 months. 

Following each gathering, there is some reading material handed out, to enable each women to deepen and explore in-between meetings.   Sitting and sharing with other women, we can enrich our lives and expand our beliefs and thinking.

After the completion of Connecting Cycles some groups choose to continue and circle together. Read more about the Women's Circles here.

This circle is full, if you would like to be invited please click here and we will let you know when spaces become available.   

The Sunday Women's Circle Group
Term 3 dates - Menstruality.

Group meets monthly in Eltham.

When: 7.30pm until late

Circle cost $25 per month and is paid at the beginning of each term.

Term 3

21st August - Reflecting upon the west, power, menopause, autumn and the archetype of the Matriarch.

Pay with Credit, Debit or Paypal.

Pay as a direct deposit;

M Gonella, BSB 633 000, Account 141872242

Sharing will enrich everyone with more knowledge
- Ana Monnar -

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