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Connecting Cycles Menstruality Program

13 Chapter Menstruality Education Program for Women of All Ages (includes a beautifully presented book).

The menstrual cycle provides us with a mirror of all kinds of cycles, such as the seasons, the moon phases, feminine-masculine (ying-yang) and the female life cycle.  This program draws upon these elements, which all support and influence women's health and her menstrual experiences, also influencing her ability to birth well and travel through and beyond menopause with grace.  Through creating a deeper understanding of the cycle we improve our ability to navigate the changing phases of our lives.  Learning to live in harmony with the natural forces by opening further to the beauty that exists, allow it to penetrate into our physical lives.

As part of this program you will learn to come into a deeper relationship with the 13 archetypal influences of a woman’s life and the impact that they have had on your current belief systems.

Archetypal awareness can provide us with an understanding of self that softens the possibility of forgiveness, love and compassion.  When we allow our harsh inner voices to go unchecked through lack of awareness, it creates disharmony in the body, which leads to physical illness and the manifestation of symptoms.

We will also spend time learning to understand our night time dreams.  Dreams provide an amazing insight into what it is that we are on the cusp of awareness in our day-to-day living and this subsequently deepens the understanding of our menstrual, birth and menopausal experiences.

This course suits anyone who is looking to support and understand themselves more deeply, through the powerful lense of the menstrual experience and women's health.  Perhaps you are looking to prepare for pregnancy and birth, or menopause or to support and understand the transitions of a daughter, mother or other close relative, it is all relevant.  Awareness and connection of natural cycles has a profound effect on our understanding of others, and supports the development of our personal power, the health planet and the collective experience of the feminine.  

Like a diamond has many different facets or cuts that reflect the light in different directions, so does the cycle, which reflect wisdom and meaning when we take the time to sit and observe.

Everything, begins, grows, matures, dies and then returns back to the earth.  

Each month we deepening our connection to the mysteries of the life cycle and the connection between that and all other cycles, specifically focusing on the menstrual cycle and women's health. 



The first month is spent casting our awareness back towards the experiences as a young girl-child, reflecting on influences and patterns and those of other cycles which all mirror similar energies, for example the young innocence is reflected in the spring.  We look at the menstrual cycle and tasks are given for the month to observe and reflect upon.  Later in the course we look at the pre-menstrual phase of the cycle and how the powerful and sometimes explosive energies that we meet up against are similarly meet up against in the pre-menopausal phase of our lives, discussing also how we can let the wisdom of the autumn influence our experiences during these times.

Within the program a certain amount of self-discipline is recommended. 

During this 13 month program it is recommended that the participant is actively involved in regular journaling and the recording of dreams and that you read the materials given after each session.  Maintaining a conscious awareness of the content being covered each month is of great benefit for the individual participant and remember this work will bring big dreams and equally big growth and personal development. It’s not so much of a daily time commitment as it is a conscious commitment to stay with and connected to the course and its content.

Please contact me anytime to discuss further. 

The Cost of The Program

The cost of this program will depend on how long we meet for each month. 

You will receive a beautifully presented printed book detailing each months journey as you go. 

30 minutes is $50 and 60 minutes is $90 (time can be spread across kinesiology sessions and these make a lovely addition to support you connecting deeper during the program). 

The same discounts apply which apply to kinesiology sessions if purchased in a group (see booking page for more details or contact me).

Communing with our cycles is the foundation of women's health    
~ Sara Avant Stover
  (The Way of the Happy Woman)

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