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Walking Your Life With Soul Purpose

Melissa facilitates Women's Circles and supports those who embark on the Your Beautiful Life journey.  This unique workbook has been written in Australia, and re-connects us back into our own innate creative capacity. 

If the experiences and circumstances that occur in your life, leave you puzzled or perplexed and you can't not seem to understand how you have created these experiences in your life... or wish to understand more fully where they stem from... then read on.

Through the chapters you are supported to take this journey deeper, to access the underlying patterns of your life.  Opening up your awareness to opportunities in finding connection and understanding where there may have been confusion and pain.  This is an empowering and deeply healing process.

The book accesses and relates to each person's personal journey and life, unique, complex and confusing as they are and the Women's Circle or group supports the intergration of this knowledge into your lived experience.

You hold the key and in the end it is only YOU who can walk through the doorway  of your soul's purpose and into Your Beautiful Life.  Connecting this journey with other's is an integral part of grounding the new awareness.

Now, for the nitty gritty....

Whilst turning through the pages of this book, I needed support from someone who understood what it was that was trying to open within me.  Some profound new awareness which was unrecognisable to me at first may well have not had the opportunity to surface had it not been for a understanding ear or group.

Intermittently, I open the space for such groups to gather.  In addition, I welcome you to contact me directly or find a buddy to do work with.   Be warned, one thing is for sure, this book will challenge you. 

Don't put the book down, keep reading....

It takes courage to discover your own unique creative ability which comes directly from your soul.   Sometimes, people choose not to complete the journey, only to continue creating the circumstances in their lives that seemingly go against their deepest desires or wishes.

For each person who chooses to read through the pages of Your Beautiful Life, be prepared for deep and lasting change.  It is different for everyone and this is why it is good to be apart of a group who can help you through any challenging sections. 

I have copies available or you can purchase online for $30 (plus postage). 

Like I said you can just buy the book and not join the group, no problem.  But to stay with it to the end and find the key awareness.  It is my honest opinion that at some point you will need support with someone who is familiar with the discoveries of self, through their own experience, reflecting and supporting the process as it unfolds in you.

This Circle is Closed at present, if you are wanting to join a group, Melissa would recommend subscribing to two newsletters (which will only send you newsletters occasionally!) .

1) Melissa Gonella's newsletter link here.

2) The Diamond Valley Red Tent meet regularly in the area and the best way to stay in touch with their gatherings is to subscribe to their newsletters via their website here.

3) The third option is to purchase the book, and either complete the chapters with a friend.  Melissa would be happy to offer any support that is needed through this process.  Sessions can be booked in clinic.

"Your Beautiful Life takes you on a journey to discover your own unique creative ability which comes from your soul"

Melissa's Testimony

The Your Beautiful Life course took me on a journey to a much deeper level of understanding than what I had previously encountered, it actually took me quite by surprise.

YBL taught me to go deeper, to go beyond the difficult moments to the beginning, the feeling, and from that place I have learnt to recognise the doorways which when I step through. When doing so I find gems of self, like I never thought imaginable. 

YBL is a journey that can not really be explained in words as we are all so unique and much that I've learned is beyond words.  So honestly just do yourself a favour, get the book, do the course and ask for the support during the unfolding and connecting with of self.... and Your Beautiful Life.

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