Melissa has worked in the arena of women's health since 2002.  She has taught positive menstrual education to mothers, fathers and their daughters and is a qualified kinesiologist and Neuro-Trainer with a particular interest in women's health and wellbeing, although she often works with men or children as well.  Prior to this vocation she spent 10 years working as a doula with families as they prepared for the labour and birth of their children.

Over the years Melissa has studied natural fertility management (NFM), positive menstrual education and health from puberty through to menopause.  She has a double certificate in kinesiology and Neuro-Training majoring in Women's Wellness. 

She has an interest in natural medicine, specifically; homeopathy, herbal medicine, chiropractic, osteopathy, Bowen therapy, Chinese medicine and counselling.  It is intriguing to see how these modalities interweave within her practice as a kinesiologist and Neuro-Trainer.  Even those who are depended on Western medicine will benefit from kinesiology and Neuro-Training sessions.

Neuro-Training Kinesiology Sessions

Neuro-Training and kinesiology combined incorporates a powerful neurologically based approach adding another dimension to the already extraordinary complementary therapy, kinesiology.

As a practitioner of both Neuro-Training and kinesiology, I use simple yet accurate muscle monitoring as a way of identifying what is happening within the person.

For this reason, often seemingly untreatable symptoms can be resolved.  Sessions allow for each individual's needs to be understood and changes made for better functioning.

Providing solutions to enable blockages of any type to be shifted easily and gently.  It is great for treating acute imbalances while working as a preventative measure by strengthening inherent weaknesses.

Whether it be painful symptoms or annoying habits, Neuro-Training with kinesiology can help.

Read here more about how Neuro-Training and kinesiology may be able to help you.

Positive Menstrual Education Workshops
For women, girls and fathers and interested men.

Cyclic life and everyday life are integral to each other.  We have a range of positive menstrual education workshops, for fathers, girls, and women which help to restore or support the understanding of the profound relationship a woman (or a girl) has with her menstrual cycle. 

It is especially important to support our young women to develop this positive understanding of their normal body functions in a non-embarrassed way because if we relate to our cycle without awareness, or even disdain, painful consequences can result.

As women when we consciously engage with our cycle the experience can be physically, emotionally and psychologically rewarding.   Sadly, women and girls have suffered unnecessarily because of social attitudes and it is time to step beyond old and outdated coping mechanisms into a fresh understanding of self-care that, unmistakably has a positive effect on health and the transformational stages of puberty through to menopause.

Melissa is also happy to present (free of charge) to your group or community the benefits and importance of parents and schools adopting positive menstrual education that goes beyond the nuts and bolts of a woman's biology.   Parents and school communities who understand the importance of confident and natural communication about menstruation, body awareness and self care will appreciate the value that this will sow into any girl's life.

If you are interested in knowing more about this free talk for positive menstrual education talk for parents please contact Melissa to discuss further.



Celebration Day for Girls

One-day workshop for girls aged 10-12 years and their mother's or female carers.

Cool On The Inside

One-day workshop for teenage girls aged 14-16.

Fathers Celebrating Daughters

2-hour workshop just for dad's (or men who want to know more about the women in their lives). 

Natural Fertility Management Sessions
For women and couples.

This knowledge can then be used to assist conception or natural birth control to avoid pregnancy. The menstrual cycle is a mirror of other cycles in life: pregnancy, the four seasons and the moon rhythms, just to name a few. All of these elements can provide us with lessons that give us a greater understanding of ourselves as women. Within these sessions, we will discuss your unique cycle and I will provide tools that suit your lifestyle and circumstances so that you can gain a greater awareness about your cyclic self.  Couples are most welcome. Read more.

Specifically designed sessions are also available for teenagers, read more about tailored sessions for teen girls. 

Women's Circles

A circle are a gathering of like-minded people who commit to meet on a regular basis. Coming together to support, to share and to grow emotionally and spiritually.

Gathering this way can be likened to internal yoga for the soul. 

Women's Circles are for women of all ages.

Melissa currently facilitates local women's circles in Melbourne's outer north-eastern suburbs on either a Wednesday or Sunday night.  Both groups meet once a month. 

These groups offer an intimate space for women to share as it is the same women who come along each month.  Occasionally the groups open for new women to join, so be sure to subscribe to her newsletter to be notified when a group opens up for new participants.

 Read more about these Women's Circles

Diamond Valley Red Tent Community Groups

Not for profit community group for women in Nillumbik and local surrounds.

You can read more about the Diamond Valley Red Tent and the different groups that meet by going to their website.

Melissa was the founder of the Diamond Valley Red Tent and remains pivotal to its functioning and operation.  

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